UKDOCKS Complete Royal Navy P2000 Ship Life Extension Programme

A Ship Life Extension Programme has been completed on 16 patrol and training vessels extending the out of service dates to the mid-2030s. 

The P2000 Archer Class vessels, which entered service between 1983 and 1998, are used for specific Fleet tasking including providing navigation and sea-sense training to students who are members of the University Royal Naval Units (URNU).

The capability of the P2000s was affected by main engine performance and breakdowns became more frequent.

In 2013 Navy Command endorsed an option to provide funding for a Ship Life Extension Programme (SLEP) and the DE&S Commercially Supported Shipping (CSS) Boats team started work with HMS Biter in 2013 before handing over the final naval vessel - HMS Puncher - last month (pictured).

SLEP Project Leader Steven Todd (pictured far left with Director of UK Docks South Charlie Barley) said: “ The Boats team have worked hard with our industry partners to deliver this improved capability on time and budget. This programme will maintain the P2000 availability well into the 2030s.”