Brunvoll AS

BRUNVOLL AS is a world-class name in marine technology and UK Docks are their sole sales and service agent in the UK and Ireland. Their superior thruster systems are used by shipping companies across the globe and the Norwegian-based company are absolutely committed to support for servicing. The practical benefits of this are that UK Docks can offer shipyards, ship owners and ship operators expert know-how in servicing and installing thrusters, as well as a rapid response and quality at all times.

Each package can be tailor made to meet individual requirements and ensure an optimised thruster system, design to handle all the challenges of the harsh marine environment.

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Steerprop Ltd

STEERPROP Ltd is a company dedicated to producing superior quality azimuth propulsors for the maritime industry and for the offshore oil and gas industries. Thus the company designs, engineers, markets sells, supplies and services Steerprop azimuth propulsors globally.

The flexible design of Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors is built on decades of in-house experience combined with the latest technology and feedback from owners, naval architects and service engineers. By combining the latest technological developments and know-how with proven solutions, Steerprop Ltd is able to provide reliable propulsors that offer excellent maneuverability and outstanding efficiency.

UK Docks are the sole service agents in the UK and Northern Atlantic coastline region and have been working with Steerprop since 2007. We were selected due to our in-depth knowledge of the thruster industry.

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